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Nassau County Police Activity League - Levittown Unit


Operate youth clubs and provide sports, crafts, educational and other programs of a team and individual for all boys and girls in Nassau County, N.Y. regardless of race, religion, income or disability. The intent of the activities is to prevent juvenile delinquency, steer children clear from gang activity and to aid in the positive interaction of Police Officers and Youth.



  • These Are Kids
  • Coaches are Volunteers
  • Officials are Human

Our Goals

PAL is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers in the community and youth. It is based on the conviction that young people, if they are reached early enough can develop strong positive attitudes towards police officers in their journey through life toward the goal of maturity and good citizenship. The PAL program brings youth under the supervision and positive influence of a law enforcement agency and expands public awareness about the role of a police officer and the reinforcement of the responsible values and attitudes instilled in young people by their parents. The Nassau County Police Activity League - Levittown Unit has been in existence for over 50 years providing recreational and educational programs to the youth of Levittown / Island Trees and the surrounding communities. Some of our activities are Indoor & Outdoor basketball, lacrosse, archery, golf, karate, tennis, twirling, track and field and a special needs program. At Levittown PAL we believe in inclusion not exclusion.